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I’m PROUD to introduce my first Oracle deck you probably have seen featured in my videos over the last few months on index cards lol.


These decks are made in 2 separate sets. One is general, the other is career and love. There are 111 cards in total, you’ll find a love section (red), a career section (green) and a general life section (purple).


These Oracle cards can be used in addition to a tarot spread to reference the major themes of life that will be most prominent for you. Thank you all for your support! Enjoy. ❤️ Get both sets here and combine them however you'd like.



Size of cards: 2.5 x 3.5


Out of Stock
  • PLEASE MAKE SURE SHIPPING ADDRESS IS CORRECT! There’s been an influx of people needing to change their address after the order has been placed which causes issues. Please make sure your billing and shipping addresses are both accurate before you place your order.

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