I was born in The Bronx, New York which is where the nickname Bronx originated from for my YouTube channel.


I am a college graduate from North Carolina A&T. I am a Virgo sun, Scorpio moon, Scorpio rising! I have been studying the tarot for about 4 years now and Astrology for 2, and have been in love with it ever since.


Outside of tarot, my interests include writing poetry, media design, and video editing. I have always felt like I was intuitive or called to be a light-worker, but I could've never imagined the plans God had for me would be this amazing and much bigger than myself. I am forever humbled and grateful to be of service and shed healing on the areas of life that sometimes seem hopeless or overlooked. Thank you for your support and the love that I receive on a daily basis! I will cherish it as long as I live.