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(Formerly Tarotbybronx)

tarot ✶ astrology âœ¶ human design âœ¶  healing coach


Private Readings 

& Consultations


All readings can be accessed via Calendly! This includes consulting regarding Astrology, Tarot, Human Design, Relationships & More.


If you would like to book with me, email me below

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Human Design 

Do you want to obtain more

direction or motivation in life?

Go BEYOND the basics and

Master your Strategy and Authority. 

Unlock your true inner blueprint to success by learning your type or watching my 

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Patreon Exclusive Guidance

I feel lost, out of alignment, or in need of a deeper spiritual meaning for my life

​I want to have a better understanding of my life, how my placements affect me, and learn how to embrace my shadow in a healing community where I can connect with others on a spiritual level and receive guidance directly from Bronx


Exclusive Products & Custom Merch

I am interested in your products:

  • Everything Oracle Deck

  • Customizable Merch

  • Handcrafted Oils

  • Clearing Spray

  • Zodiac Themed Merch

  • Human Design Merch

  • And more!

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Monthly Tarot Readings

(All 12 Zodiac Signs) 

Unfortunately, I no longer do Youtube readings full time. However, I regularly upload exclusive readings & astrology content on Patreon (Subscribe above)


Access previous youtube readings

& human design content here!

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