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Tarot By Bronx

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Which of these resonates

with you the most?

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Patreon Exclusive Healing

I feel lost, out of alignment, or in need of a deeper spiritual meaning for my life

​I want to have a better understanding of my emotions, how my placements affect me, and learn how to embrace my shadow in a healing community where I can connect with others on a spiritual level and receive guidance directly from Bronx


Exclusive Products & Merch

I am interested in your products:

  • Everything Oracle Deck

  • Handcrafted Oils

  • Clearing Spray

  • Zodiac Themed Merch

  • Human Design Merch

  • And more!

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Monthly Tarot Readings

(All 12 Zodiac Signs) 

I'm here for a Free Monthly Tarot Reading that covers my sun, moon, and rising sign. I would like  some insight into whats' to come!


Private Readings

& Consultations

I'm here for an in-depth 1:1 Reading or Consultation with Bronx and would like personalized guidance or mentoring


I’m new here & want to know

more about your expertise and

the experiences that others have

had with you

Reviews & Testimonials

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